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JD-1000 - Unit Price: $230

Chest Drainage Kit with 12/16/24 FR Chest tubes with Safety stylet

(No Lidocaine/Skin Prep Supplies Included)

PACK (5 Pieces): $1,150.00

CASE (20 Pieces): $4,600.00

Intended Use

The JD-1000 Chest Drainage Kit is used to drain fluid and air from the pleural space. The pleural space is the space between the two layers of the pleura, the membrane that lines the lungs and the inside of the chest wall. Fluid or air in the pleural space can cause pain, shortness of breath, and other symptoms. The Kit can be used to remove this fluid or air and relieve these symptoms.



The JD-1000 Chest Drainage Kit contains following components:

1 JD-Hook ® Safety Stylet

3 Chest tubes (For each 12 FR,16 FR, 24 FR size)

2 Drain stopcocks

1 Mini Skin lock device (for 12 FR Chest tube)

2 Skin lock devices (for 16/24 FR Chest tubes)

2 Christmas Tree Adaptors

1 Clamp Scissors

2 Drain connector tubings

1 Scalpel

1 Slit gauze pad

1 Silk suture

1 Instructions for use Manual


JD-2000 - Unit Price: $247
Fluid Drainage Catheter kit - with Silicone Balloon Catheter (16 FR)

PACK (5 Pieces): $1,235.00

CASE (20 Pieces): $4,940.00

Intended Use

The JD-2000 Silicone Balloon Drainage Catheter Kit can be used to drain fluid from various spaces including pleural space, deep wounds, and surgical postoperative sites. Such fluid collections can cause pain, shortness of breath, abdominal distention, infection, sepsis and discomfort. The Kit can be used to remove such fluids and relieve these symptoms.


The Balloon allows for sutureless retention of catheter within the deep collection spaces (up to 12 cm deep from skin surface), followed by easy removal by deflation of Balloon and retraction of catheter) when the catheter is no longer needed.



The JD-2000 Sutureless Fluid Drainage Catheter Kit contains following components:

 JD-2000 Silicone Balloon catheter 16 FR (1)

1 JD-Hook ® Safety Stylet

 1 Skin lock disc device

1 Christmas Tree Adaptor

1 Drain connector tubing

1 Scalpel

1 Slit gauze pad

1 Instructions for use Manual

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JD-Hook Safety Stylet/Trocar 
Unit Price: $77
Chest Tube/Catheter Placement and Tunneling device

PACK (10 Pieces): $770.00

CASE (120 Pieces): $9,240.00

The JD-Hook ® Safety Stylet is a blunt tip trocar designed for Subcutaneous tunneling needed for proper placement of various devices including vascular catheters and drainage catheters. The blunt tip and safety angulation design reduces the risk of deep tissue injury and provides directional control for directing the devices into appropriate position. 


Indications for use

The JD-Hook® Safety Stylet is indicated for Subcutaneous tunneling and access to body cavities for placement of catheters, drainage tubes into appropriate position.

Customer Service

If you have any questions or concerns about the use of the JD-1000 Chest Drainage Kit, please contact at:


JFD-PK Medical LLC

4400 Cumorah Ave, Center Valley PA 18034 Phone: 484-602-8753, Fax: 484-968-8074


Adverse Event reporting: 


Hangzhou Fushan Medical Appliance Company Ltd.

No. 1288 South Jinxi Road, Linglong Industry park, Lin’an, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, CN 311301

Registration # 3006787036; FEI # 3006787036

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